Handy Mini Food Chopper
Handy Mini Food Chopper
Handy Mini Food Chopper

Handy Mini Food Chopper

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Ideal For Chopping, Preparing, Blending And Pureeing Ingredients

No more watery eyes when you chop onions with this Inscut™ Handy Mini Food Chopper! It makes tedious prep work quick and fun.

With just a few quick pulls, you can dramatically cut down cooking time since the chopper will give you finely chopped food that cooks faster and more evenly.

The possibilities are endless with all the new, delicious meals you can make. No batteries or power needed, it's much easier to use and quieter than an electric food processor and won't cause your food to lump or turn to mush.

Perfect for slicing vegetables for salads, fruits, chopping nuts, herbs, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, boneless meat, baby food, and so much more!

How To Use:

Place blade inside the bowl, add food, close and twist the lid to lock it, then pull the handle. The more you pull, the more finely chopped your food will get. It's also safer since your hands do not come in contact with the blade during chopping.

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