Voice Recording Automatic Pet Feeder
Voice Recording Automatic Pet Feeder
Voice Recording Automatic Pet Feeder

Voice Recording Automatic Pet Feeder

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Ensure Your Pet Always Get Fed Just The Right Amount And Right On Time

Stop the morning breakfast wake-up routine! Now you can set your pet's mealtimes ahead of time, and they can dig in while you sleep.

Customize your pet's meals with flexible portions from 1/2 - 2 cups and up to 4 meals per day. With portion control and a consistent feeding routine, it's easy to manage your pet's weight or help with weight loss for your overweight pet.

Our Iseebiz™ Voice Recording Automatic Pet Feeder will solve your problem of having to feed your pet in emergencies or when you are not available due to work or events.

Features And Benefits:
        • Food Timer: Scheduled times during the day for feeding with portion control, so your pet gets the right amount at their regular feeding time.
        • Infrared Detection: Prevents food from over-spilling or getting stuck in the dispenser.
        • Sound Recording: Record your voice to call your pet over for mealtimes. It helps your pet feel connected to you all the time.
        • Power Supply: You can use batteries or plugin with the power adapter.
        • Keeping Food Fresh: Food compartment is leak-proof, sealing food in for long-lasting freshness.
        • BPA-Free: Never worry about harmful substances leaching into your pet's food with our high-quality BPA-Free Feeder.
        • 4-Time SettingBreakfast, lunch, dinner and 4th Meal
        • Manual Function Capability: A manual function button is also available if you wish to feed your pet manually at given times.

        How To Set Feeding Times:

          1. To set time, press and hold breakfast, lunch, dinner, or 4th meal and then press on/off button to set feeding or not.
          2. Press and hold the breakfast and meal size button to set meal size.
          3. Press and hold the breakfast and hour button to set hour.
          4. Press and hold the breakfast button and the minute button to set the minute.
          5. You can also to set voice recording for replay. Press and hold the MIC button for 3 secs till LCD flashing to record voice.

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