Baby Tooth Fairy Box
Baby Tooth Fairy Box
Baby Tooth Fairy Box
Baby Tooth Fairy Box

Baby Tooth Fairy Box

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A Nice Memory For You And Your Little One!

Being a parent is the most beautiful thing in the world. The one thing all parents call to agree on is that time flies by the way too fast when our kids are little.

Can you still remember how happy were you when your kids got his/her first tooth?

Experience the same happiness when the tooth fairy comes to visit your kids for the first time!

And you better be prepared for that magical moment! This eco-friendly wooden baby tooth fairy box is ideal for keeping all of your kid's teeth as they fall out.

Your kids will love to keep his/her teeth as if they were a real treasure. Moreover, kids will learn along with the name of each tooth, since every little hole is marked with its corresponding tooth name.

Ten years down the road from now, you'll stumble upon the box, flip it open, and remember the excitement on your kid's face the very day they lost each specific tooth.

Plus, it will be wonderful to share this box with your kids when they're all grown up to show them how far they've come in life.

It will strengthen the bond between you and your kids even more.

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